• Founder and CEO of Platinum Advertising
  • Founder and President of Sales 4U
  • Founder and President of Platinum Kids Foundation
  • Founder and CEO of Aggregated Home Services
  • Founder and CEO of Platinum H.G.
  • Founder and CEO of Gulfview404
  • Founder and CEO of Triple Diamond & Associates
  • Founder and CEO of G.O.A.T. Insurance

Bill Siveter has many years of experience in the Direct Marketing industry. Bill started his career at a very young age selling newspaper subscriptions at the age of 14. Although Bill was very young, at the age of 16, his manager quickly recognized his sales and manager skills and gave Bill a promotion to be an assistant manager. At the age 18, Bill recognized he had a knack for outside sales and marketing and decided that his life mission would be to help create the best opportunity for entrepreneurs in the United States. He quickly took it upon himself to recruit, train, motivate, and teach leadership skills to as many entrepreneurs as he could. Today Bill has hired over 200,000 entrepreneurs. Thousands of these individuals have earned significant six-figure and seven-figure incomes. To date, Bill has helped several of his teammates hit the million dollar status and become millionaires though one of Bill’s several businesses.

He felt the need to create an easily duplicated system that would allow people to take advantage of success traits that were created by Platinum Advertising and other successful visionaries. These systems are what have allowed Bill to stay in the Direct Marketing industry for many years now. These systems have also made it possible for others in the network to grow their own wealth. Bill has hired the best of the best to support his enterprises and he is not afraid of hiring exceptionally talented individuals to help lead the charge.

Bill is a serial entrepreneur and has created multiple nationwide companies. He has surrounded himself with people of passion, smarts, the need and willingness to win and most importantly…People who are honest, hardworking, caring, who refuse to lose and leaders. The stage is now set for others to thrive and hit their professional and personal goals. The world has yet to see this man’s full potential. I’m looking forward to see what the future holds.